Project “La Habitacion de Fermat” Romanian Team web page

Web master  Cornel Danci  class XII

Coordinating Teachers  Lucia Gutu and Angela Oprisor


Partners Schools:

IES HUMANES, Humanes de Madrid, Spain

C.E.P.A. El buen gobernador, Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain

Communication Technical College “Augustin Maior” Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Gimnazjum Nr. 1, Zawiercie, Poland

The Project

In “Fermat´s Room film” characters are asked for some logic problem through a PDA. When they are not giving solution to them, the room starts constricting with the power of four hydraulic presses pushing the walls web

Aims:1. Create a compilation of logic and mathematic games in order to to classify them and compare them from different countries 2. Try to construct the room (starting with a previous small model) 3. Try to design a videogame based on the film

Work process: First item it´s easy to start. The rest depends on the knowledge of the future members

Expected results: Create an attractive way to aproach to problems solving

The Maths exercisses are in html created using GeoGebra and also as Maths Web-Game

Maths Web Game

Maths Exercises Store

Students Romania Team

2013-03-04 10.58.25





We are so happy

We receive today the National Quality Label

Thanks so much to our Spanish Partners

for all we work in project  (02 october 2013)




We receive today European Quality Label for our Project

We are very glad and was a hard work

Congratulations for all teams (Spanish and Romanian)

(teachers & pupils)

In the letter we receive it was written that our project was

selected to appear on a special page of the European portal


Congratulations again for all of us  (28 october 2013)



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