Maths Booklet and Videos

Gabriel and Robert prepare now an “Interactive Maths booklet” in html

 “Maths & Science Exercises – Dictionary” 

We will put here the publish material and link when is finish

This is the Cover they made

Cover Interactive Maths Booklet

Click the link and find pages with some exercisses and description

Maths Book 

Gabriel and Robert from XI class
(Teachers Lucia Gutu and Angela Oprisor)
made a Maths exercise Tutorial
as their contribution to the Project work
Are 4 videos for 4 Chapters (Learning Maths)

Square Root
Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Functions

Maths Video Tutorial: How we did it

Thank you for your kind words and for your support. We really appreciate it.
We decided to do this project as a website with multiple videos as a template. And the four main steps of the process are:
• Pre-production
• Audio recording and editing
• Video production
• Website creation
In the pre-production phase we chose the topics that we would talk about and created a basic structure for the narration as well as a basic template for our website.
We did the second phase, the recordings and the editing, with AVS Audio Editor. This phase was pretty tricky because more so often there would be a weird noise or incorrect pronunciation of a word that had to be redone, so we had to record multiple times for each topic and we had to edit and remove weird noises or long breaks out of the audio.
After that we proceeded to phase three and created the videos. To create the videos we used Adobe After Effects. We had to create an accurate graphic representation of what we said in the audio narration. Afterwards we uploaded the four videos on YouTube.
After the videos were done we went on to phase four and created the website using multiple coding languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. We created a basic layout and then we created the graphical elements for the site. The blackboard and the chalk like font and arrows were chosen because they went along with the theme in the videos, which is a math notebook with a handwritten pencil like font.


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