Playing Maths

Another interesting activity in project is playing 

science and logic games from the internet

Our Spanish partners propose us  playing”Another Games”

Knight moves problem

Use logic to move the knight in legal knight chess moves to every square on the board in as few moves as possible:


When you finish, it could be better you send a screen shot of your finished game. He, knight movement is in “L” letter form.


At first try I obtain 44 points the score and at second
try 56 points the score
It is a pleasure playing



Our teacher say to take a look and try to play “Another games” “Knight moves problem”
First I was afraid I could not know how to do
I speak with Adrian, he explain me and I try some times. The best score I have is 48



Hi and Good day
I discuss with my colleaques from project , they tell me they try “Knight moves problem” game
I made some tries and the best I receive is 52 points the score
I put a screen shot (300/300) to be seen the score
Thank you for the game


Today´s game consist of: “Withstand”

1. Click on this link
2. Click red square and move it
3. Red square can´t touch blue rectangles nor black borders

The web page comments 18 seconds is a good score

This is a test for future pilots. They must withstand for at least 2 minutes


When I put my results from “Knigt moves problem”
I saw the new game-problem “Withstand”
I try it, it is hard. I obtain 17.079 seconds
I will try more
I will send the game to my project mates



I try today the game, is hard, is not easy.
The best I did is 19.741 seconds. I will try more but that is my best score




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